Video Making

This guide tells you how to make video from start to finish. I won't guarantee you'll be the next JJ5x5, this simply guides you on what to do if you want to make a video. I'm not going to go into details on how to use all the programs, if you need help with that you can always look it up on a help site or something.

Before you spend hours in filmmaking...

Make sure your video has a point. Nobody wants to see you constantly get blown up, or watch 10 minutes of you trying to get past obstacle 11 at "Who killed spongebob obby free vip" Your video needs to have some point. And make sure it's a point somebody would want to watch. If you're making a music video for Handlebars, you shouldn't ride around on a bike the whole video. Hopefully you get my point.

Choosing a Recording Software

When you record for a video, you use a screen recorder. Not your mom's video camera. Screen recorders have overall better quality, and just make your life so much easier. There are a few notable free screen recorders out there. But they have their advantages and disadvantages. I'll list them here.

The good - High quality, displays frames per second, also takes screen shots, least laggy.
The bad - Small watermark centered at the top, 30 second recording limit, only records games.

The good - Acceptable quality, option to select area of screen to record, no recording limit.
The bad - Ugly watermark in the top left corner, sometimes lags.

Camtasia Studio
The good - Good quality, no watermark, option to select which area of screen to record, comes with an editor.
The bad - 30 Day trial, causes lag.

The good - OK Quality, no recording limit, lots of neat extra adjustable options
The bad - Watermark in lower right corner, can be laggy

I recommend Fraps or Camtasia Studio.

Choosing a Video Editor

Ok, now you should've decided on a screen recorder. After you record all the scenes for your movie you'll need to put them together, add some music, and maybe even some special effects. But how are you going to do it? With a video editor. The most popular one is Microsoft Movie Maker. Because it's free, and is already on your computer if you have, which you should have, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. There are several free video editors out there. But I'm not even going to mention them becuase they leave huge watermarks right in the center of your video. I'm going to suggest two.

Windows Movie Maker - It's free, easy to use, it's already on your computer.

Camtasia Studio - If you decided on Camtasia Studio earlier, no need to download, you already have it! Camtasia Studio is a Screen Recorder and Video editor in one.


Once you finish your video you need to upload it somewhere on the web. I'm just going to say YouTube. It's popular, everybody uses it. There are other places you could upload it, so if you want to put it on some other site like Google Video that's fine. If I were you I'd go with YouTube. It's the best. YouTube. Hey, guess what, YouTube.