Makin da moolah (Basic)

How do you make money in ROBLOX? There are several ways. I'll explain a few here.

Tickets - You get 10 Tickets for everyday you login to ROBLOX. You also get 1 ticket for every person that visits your place.

ROBUX - If you upgrade to Builders Club, you get 15 ROBUX everyday, even if you don't login. You can also purchase ROBUX directly.

Currency Exchange

ALWAYS have at least around 100 Tickets to start out with. ALWAYS.
Okay, go to the "Trade Currency". Now look at the top of the Tickets column. Notice the top trade, say the top ratio is "4.6337:1". ALWAYS ignore the "1". It's really of no use.
Take the 100 Tickets you have. (GET A CALCULATOR FOR THIS!!!)
Divide 100 by 4.6337.
You would get exactly 21.581025
That counts as 21 Robux. Now, take the 100 Tickets and go to the "Limited Trade" option.
ALWAYS check the "Split Trades". ALWAYS. You need that. Now, make sure the top box says "Tickets" and NOT "Robux". Now, put "100" in the Tickets box. Put "21" in the Robux box. Trade it. That will take around a minute to trade totally. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR TRADE IS AT THE TOP!!!
Now, once you get your new 21 Robux, look at the top of the Robux Column. Say the ratio was "1:4.9489". Multiply with your calculator "21 x 4.9489". You should get "103.9269". That counts as 103 Tickets. Now trade all over again making sure that the Robux box is at the top this time instead of the Tickets box being at the top!
Make sure you put in "21" in the Robux box and "103" in the Tickets box at the bottom. You just gained 3 tickets! Sure, it's not a lot right now, but once you get to around 500 Tickets you gain around 20 Tickets per trade, and once you get to the thousands, you usually will make hundreds of tickets and robux! PERFECT GAIN!
You all may be wondering what the "Spread" is. MAKE SURE IT'S A POSITIVE NUMBER. IF IT'S NEGATIVE, DO. NOT. TRADE."

Thanks to TimShadow for his Guide to the RoblEx

Makin da moolah (In-Depth)

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