I play ROBLOX and my account name is BubbleYum on roblox


ROBLOX is a free virtual world-building game with avatar chat, 3D environments, and physics. It's been around since 2005, and has nearly 5 million players. Not all active though, there are probably a couple hundred thousand players that still play right now. ROBLOX is currently still in public Alpha.

There is no set objective in ROBLOX. That's left to the player. Players can build their own models, and places with bricks similar to Lego. Then to make it even better, they can make different things happen with scripting. Then when it's all finished they can go to the place online with their friends and fight with rocket launchers or paintball guns, or fly to the moon in a space ship.

Want to find out more? Google it.


This is Brickitecture. A site dedicated to construction in ROBLOX. On the site you'll find some tips for things in ROBLOX, and we have many downloads available. From little scripts to whole places! There's also some guides, and some other stuff relating to Roblox.